Glyn Devey is an accomplished composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom.  With a passion deeply rooted in the realms all areas of music including film, TV, and contemporary music.  Glyn's sound is marked by the blend of traditional orchestral and acoustic instruments interwoven with electronic and experimental sounds.

Glyn's 30+ year career includes recorded contributions to the world of advertising and entertainment includes compositions used in TV adverts for clients such as Cosmote, L’Oreal, TSB, SkyTV and Freshbooks and many more, contemporary song productions featured in Love Island and Neighbours.  Recently, his scoring of the short biopic "Not in the Script".  This project, demonstrating his versatility, showcases an eclectic array of genres ranging from traditional orchestral cues and atmospheric sound beds to the finesse of Jazz and the nostalgia of 1970s classic rock.

Glyn's work extends beyond the realm of composition.  He has fulfilled the roles of producer and writer for both signed and unsigned artists across a diverse spectrum of genres, including Pop, Rock, Country, Folk, Grunge, RnB, Hip Hop, Jazz, and Reggae.  On stage, his work as a performer and musical director as guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion and vocalist for tribute artists, theatre productions, corporate engagements, live tours and also captivating acoustic performances on BBC Radio 2.

His lifelong connection with music was ignited in the early 1970's at the tender age of 3, when he first plucked the strings of an acoustic guitar.  By the time he turned 11, he was already immersing himself in understanding the world of music production, by experimenting and recreating productions with his makeshift recording setup.  This early curiosity culminated in formal studies encompassing music composition, performance, technology and production.  Upon completing his academic pursuits, Glyn embarked on his journey as a professional musician.

Beyond his professional endeavours, Glyn also contributes to the realm of music education; having previously authored Higher National Diplomas in Music Technology and Foundation Degrees in Music Performance, Composition, and Production, investing in the growth of future musical talents.

As the horizon unfolds, Glyn’s path continues to evolve. In 2023, he sets his sights on two forthcoming film projects in the riveting Horror and Drama genres.
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